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CHRIS ODOM: Guitar/Bass/Etc.

A graduate of the classical guitar program at CSU under Dr. William Hearn and an accomplished student for over 7 years of local jazz great Jim Cruz, Chris Odom is a local area Atlanta musician. He has been featured in local venues from Spivey Hall to The Masquerade in both various solo and ensemble performances. He has played in local area bands such as the country rock band South County, as well as being a founding member of the hip-hop group 3rd Creek. He spent 7 years and 5 years, respectively, playing in the CSU Big Band and CSU Jazz Combo both while in school and as a post-graduate member, as well as being founder and 1st chair in the CSU Classical Guitar Quarter and lead guitar player in BleWater, the CSU pep band. Recordings of his range from guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, percussion, and vocals with the various groups he has played in to a recent solo classical fund-raiser album featuring the works of Sor, Tarrega and Coste. Other studies have included music composition under Dr. Chris Arrell and Jazz improvisation under Stacey Houghton, and has participated in master classes with varying artists such as Sean Jones and David Russel. Chris returned to his roots recently and is currently focusing on writing and recording new solo material as a singer/songwriter. He can also be found accompanying local area acts and artists as well as with his own band-for-hire, Chill Affinity, around the greater Atlanta area.

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