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Jimmy Cruz: Electric/Acoustic Guitar

Jimmy Cruz can best be described as an Electric and Acoustic Guitar Stylist. He has been teaching guitar professionally for 35 years and has been teaching at Whole Note Music for 10 years.

His areas of study have been done in Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical guitar, and Music Theory. Cruz has studied under Jazz guitarists, Charles LaVerne, Tony Campo, Jimmy Nelis, Bob Shaw. He has also studied under Classical Guitarist, Robert Bates, and others. He has over 30 years of experience in many bands of different styles. He continues to play and write music in addition to actively teaching.

His teaching style is practical and helps his students gain a firm understanding of music with the goal of helping them become proficient guitarists and to have fun playing. Areas of study are chord work, learning songs, improvising in several styles (rock/blues/jazz/country), finger-picking, music theory, tab or reading music, scales/arpeggios, technique building, developing tone and more.

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